Muay Thai in Ao Nang

Skipping warm up
Skipping warm up.

There are a number of Thai boxing gym’s that are popular with expats, we found one that mainly trained locals a short 15 minute walk or cheap tuk tuk from Ao Nang beach is the Ao Nang Stadium with Ao Nang gym on the right hand side (pictured)

Ao Nang Stadium

a Ao Nang Stadium

400 THB ($12 USD) for an hour long lesson which ended up lasting around 90 minutes, was a great way introduction to Muay Thai, while it may be intimidating to try if you have not done this kind of thing before it is highly recommended and the 1 on 1 or small group training for 400THB each is very reasonable, of for the more experienced there are daily morning and evening classes.

Muay Thai in Ao Nang Stadium

Muay Thai in Ao Nang Stadium

Beginners get a good work out and learn some basic punching drills, more advanced get tailored training that is by far better than any training I had had previously in Australia or the UK and at one tenth of the cost.

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