Edinburgh, Scotland

Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland
Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is such a magical place to be. If you’re in the UK, it is definitely a must see. It’s such a charming place – time seemed to have stopped in this place and you’ll rarely see any modern buildings around, just the way I like it! This is a brief guide – there’s too many things to see and do in this city it’s hard to sum it up.

Getting There: You have three choices: a plane, a bus or a train. The cheapest option is to go by bus, however, it also takes the longest. From London, it takes around 8-10 hours to get here by bus, while an express train can take you there in around 4-6 hours. If I had to recommend a method to get here, it’ll be by train. The train station is smack dab in the city center, and the prices aren’t that bad either, plus no security checks or worrying about your checked bags.

Orienting Yourself: The best place to stay in, hands down is within the Old Town.The problem? More expensive than the other surrounding places. Stay near the Haymarket area – much cheaper and is around a 15-30 minute walk from the Old Town.


Places to See:

1) Princes Street – this is the main drag of Edinburgh – on one end is Holyrood Palace, on the other end is Edinburgh Castle. Between it are various tourist spots and shops that you can go in to.

2) Arthur’s Seat/Salisbury Craigs – beside Holyrood Palace, you would notice a hill. Technically not a hill, rather an extinct volcano, Arthur’s Seat is fun to climb. It can get windy at the top of the dead volcano but the views across Edinburgh are just simply amazing. You can see Calton Hill, the castle, Princes Street, and of course, Holyrood Palace. Be prepared though, when you climb, you may experience a sudden drop in temperature compared to the bottom. Pack accordingly!

3) Edinburgh Fringe – in August, Edinburgh hosts one of the biggest arts festival in the world. Pretty much every theater or pub is transformed to host plays, comedy shows, and the like. Some are free, while some come with a premium price tag. Princes Street turns into one big event with street performers, and people just milling about. The whole street is so crowded, you’ll have a hard time trying to find your friends if you lose them. Another reason why you should visit? The Military Tattoo. The tattoo showcases military bands from all over the Commonwealth and the tickets can be hard to get – so buy them early! If you are a book lover, there is a book festival happening in the town at the exact same time as well. Plenty of things to do for the festival junkie, and the weather is amazing in the summer too.

This is not even the tip of the iceberg of things to do in Edinburgh, there’s literally plenty to see and do that this article doesn’t justify this place. Go see it for yourself!


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